Pay with Shimmer

Availavle soon!

If you choose to pay with Shimmer, please select the payment method "Pay with Shimmer Firefly".

You must have a Firefly wallet to proceed with this option!

Click on "Review order" to review your order information one last time before finalizing it.

Click on "Complete order".

Now you will be directed to the order information page, where you will see all the details about your order, including shipping and payment information.

You will see a window with information about your order, the Shimmer/Euro exchange rate, and the amount. Click on "Pay safely with Firefly".

It will open your Shimmer Firefly wallet. Once logged in, it will automatically display all the transaction information. You just need to press "send".

Once we manually confirm your payment, you will be able to see it in your account under your order details.

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